Exhaust Gas Gallery



The Exhaust Gas Gallery is a collection of the best exhaust fume photos! Enjoy seeing beautiful people blow delightfully vicious exhaust fumes into pristine nature. Find great pictures of exhaust gas, exhaust pipes, recreational air pollution, motorsports, environmental destruction, and related topics such as racing gear, protective clothing, and deforestation. Discover the beauty and excitement of nature being polluted for fun, pleasure, out of indifference, recklessness, or no reason at all! It's a magnificent picture book chronicling humanity's efforts, passion and legacy of pollution, demonstrating mankind's mastery over the environment.

For legal reasons, this is a closed community, and most content is only available to friends. If you are one of them, contact info @ abgase.org.

A few selected photos are available in the publicly accessible Highlights album. This is only a tiny fraction of the full collection, and pictures are shown in a reduced size, with no access to the full resolution.